Monday, April 22, 2013

Pot Luck FAQ

Hi all,
Just a reminder about the super Vegetarian and Vegan Lunch thats happening this week - Saturday 27th @ 2pm in Satmya Natural Medicine Centre, 3 Royal Parade, Killaloe in aid of The Hope Foundation.
Please see some FAQ's which may be of help:
What is a Pot Luck?
All people attending are asked to prepare a vegetarian or vegan dish to share with others. Some examples are starters eg dips, nibbles etc. A main dish eg curry, salad, burgers, tarts ANYTHING!. Desserts eg anything sweet and yummy that is vegan or vegetarian. It can be as wild or as simple as you like.
But I can't cook?
Thats OK. You are still MORE than welcome. If you can't cook, won't cook or don't have time to cook. Come along anyway with your donation. If you really don't want to come empty handed then bring something to drink eg nice juice or a healthy cordial.
My dish needs to be served hot - how will I heat it?
If you have a hot dish that needs to be heated, this can be done on the hob in the kitchen in Satmya.
What else will I bring?
Along with your dish, €5 donation for The Hope Foundation bring a LUNCHBOX.
Why do I need a lunchbox?
Because (and this is important) you will want to take home samples of everyone elses home baked goodness. There is always leftovers at the end of these events and no one wants to bring home the same food they arrived with, so bring a lunchbox (or two!) and swap and share.
This is all about inspiring and being inspired by healthy nutritious vegetarian and vegan food.
If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to contact

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pot Luck 27th April 2013

Happy Spring!
Its been a while since the Clare Veggies have had a day out so we've got a special event planned. Here are the details:
Pot Luck Lunch - bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share. Nothing fancy, just some home cooked goodness. If you don't have time to cook or bake, come along anyway for the good food and amazing company ;)
Fundraiser for Tracy Stuart. The lovely Tracy is going to India to work with The Hope Foundation Human Rights Law Network on various women's projects such as trafficking of women (and girls). As this is a fundraiser for we will kindly ask all people attending the Pot Luck Lunch to donate €5. If you can't make it on the day but would like to donate anyway you can do so here

Satmya Natural Medicine Centre, 3 Royal Parade, Killaloe. This is a little gem of a venue with a gorgeous botique health store. If you haven't already been here, please pop along. More details at
What time?
We will be tucking in from 2pm. If you are going to be late, I'll try save you some cake ;)
So there are all the details - put the date in the diary. I really hope you will be able to make it as it'll be a really lovely day for such a good cause.
If you need any more info, please contact