Monday, March 14, 2011

First Pot Luck Night A Success

Our last meet up was a gastronomic tour de force, so kudos Clare Veg Members for rolling up the sleeves in your respective kitchens. I’m still dreaming about the vegan walnut bread, which I took home and toasted for breakfast. Almond butter on top was a fine idea.

In terms of turnout, the result was great too, with ten people rocking up with vegalicious vegan dishes.

Here’s a list of the fruit of our culinary skills:

Tofu Korma with boiled rice - Julie
Vegan Courgette Flan – Julie and David
Corn-chip-topped vegan lasagne and walnut bread – Ronni
Vegan scones with uber-pretty mini jam pots, plus vegan butter and vegan flapjacks - Joanne
Masterfully crafted vegetarian and vegan sushi – Lucia
Stuffed tomatoes with coriander and yummy ginger drink - Conor
Mango and blueberry… tart? A nonetheless tasty effort – Audrey

For our next meeting, we’re thinking of going with a theme, perhaps seasonal dishes only, or all green – considering Paddy fever has us all gripped?

Emails with suggestions are welcome, even more so before the newsletter goes out at the end of this week. 

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