Saturday, June 18, 2011

More pot luck dishes...

Above:Elaine's sweetheart dahl, Joanne's yummy potato bake and Ronnie's stuffed peppers
Below: Lucia's crafty veg tempura with spicy dip 

    Below: Julie's and David's nettle burgers and pasta-inspired avocado dish with 'Parmesham*' to garnish.



The Gang!

*Parmesham is made from brewer's yeast and almond flakes and is convincingly cheesy!


  1. looks delicious! hoping to attend your next meeting. Any chance for a recipe for the Parmesham? Thanks!

  2. Parmesham:

    Roughly equal amounts of yeast flakes (such as Engervita) and ground almonds, mixed with salt (careful with it) to taste.

    Shake it up in a posh jar or dish and display it on your dinner table. Serve with a spoon like the other sort.